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dialog.showInfo timeoutinfo disappeare if window is dragged
using latest nuget-package LibreAutomate 1.2.0
Infotext showing seconds until window is autoclosed is not redrawn after dragging window to new position.

      var result = dialog.showInfo(
        text1: $"Confirmation triggered correct?",
        text2: $"Yes={c2.ControlText} No={c3.ControlText} Message={c1.ControlText}",
        buttons: "Ja|Nein",
        title: $"DEBUG Trigger #32770",
        secondsTimeout: 60);

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It is correct behavior. The timeout countdown stops when detected a mouse click or a key. The text contains "if not clicked".
OK - I havn't seen such note in docs.

Shouldn't it be either of the following possibilities
a) redraw infotext cause window stays open after dragging (sometimes necessary to see content behind) and timer goes down further or
b) close infotext range (normalize infowindow) and timer is stopped

I would expect behaviour a cause timeout is set from developer.
If user should be able to switch off timeout an checkbox could be added (initially checked) that could be used to uncheck countdown.

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