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click button only if it exists?
i want to make a macro where i have 4 buttons to choose from, but only have it click the one that exists on that specific page. there is always one button on the page, but the text of the button is different each time. i already know how to get the button clicked, so no need to explain that to me.
If that pages are on the Internet, please give the URL.
Are you able to tab to the button i.e.
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'T V

cause since there is only ove button it will always go to that button....?
i've tried using the tab button to do it, but it doesnt always take it to the button. i had the mouse left click at a spot near where the button would appear on each page, press tab, and enter. it works, but it goes to another link on the page sometimes. im not sure why it goes to the link, when it also goes to the button, it just seems to be random.
Sorry, i don't know what happened before, but i tried the tab thing again and it's working fine now.

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