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wait till explorer display a new page
I have a problem of waiting till explorer display a new windows

This is my Macro

run ""
wait some time and then made some selection
after the line above, Internet Explorer display the answer for the selection but I have to put a wait instruction because the WA WE WC instructions doesn't work
90 win("File Download" "#32770")
90 win("Save As" "#32770")

Thanks in advance
You can use function HtmlFind (requires QM 2.1.4 or later). This whole macro can be rewritten to use html element actions instead of keys. Or, just use it to wait for some html element that is in the response page. Example:
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;here, open "Find html element" dialog, find some element in the response page, and specify a wait time. Example:
MSHTML.IHTMLElement el=HtmlFind(...... 138)

If the response page is displayed in a new window, at first wait for that window:

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int hwnd=wait(10 "New window title")
MSHTML.IHTMLElement el=HtmlFind(.... hwnd .... 138)

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