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save macros for other windows installation
may I ask here, what I have to do, if I want save my macros and images (in "my QM" folder) for a next windows installation, and how I must import my savings in the new QM program. there are a lot of files in my backup folder like xxxs macros 0.5 168 prev.qml, xxxs macros 0.5 05.qml and so on. for what is that? can I delete them?

I have imported some macros by importing them. but then there are all in a subfolder called "imported". I want my macros in these folders, where hey are now.

how can I simply do this?
don't import the new file, "Open" it. that puts it all back into place.

all those other files are backups that are done automatically by the QM engine.
An old blog on QM coding and automation.

The Macro Hook
that means: delete all backups in the backup folder, do make some new backup "by hand", which is called "my macros 05.qml"(?), I copy "myQM" folder (with the one backup) to the new place. I open the backup file "my macros 05.qml"(?) with double click, and from now on my macros are in the qm program. Am I right?
Copy whole My QM to the new computer.
If your macro list file is not in My QM, copy it too.
Delete Backups folder on the new computer, unless you need it. QM will create backup files again.
Run QM on the new computer.
If it opens wrong file, open your file using File menu.
Where is the My QM folder? Or is that with an older version of QM?

I used to find it easy on the old QM to save all the macros at once (save as), but that option no longer exists with new QM.
Never mind, I just figured it out. You just export the whole folder that contains all your macros, instead of saving it. Same result.

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