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Set Programm exe version - change folder path
How do i set the version for the generated exe file? If I click on the version button, I got the instruction to do it in the file. If I insert [assembly: AssemblyVersion("")], I will get a compile error that the version definition is double defined.

The second thing is, that I use a toolbar. In the compiled exe file, the toolbar settings file will be always created under the user/documents/LibreAutomate folder. I need to change that to the user/AppData/Roaming/AppName folder. How can I do that?
Thank you!
1. I see this version error when using menu Run > Publish. This bug will be fixed in next LA version. No error when creating exe without Publish.

2. Currently cannot be changed. In next version will add parameter settingsFile. Example:
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var t = new toolbar("jdhgfeugfhghdbvj", settingsFile: @"C:\Test\aToolbar1.json");


Next LA should be released this month.

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