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Unable to use third-party input method
In the code editing area, Recently encountered an issue where I couldn't use a third-party chinese input method, only English input was possible. After restarting, it returned to normal.

I couldn't reproduce the issue. It's possible that I might record a demo in the future

Reproducing the issue seems unlikely because it's random.
Is it this?

To reproduce:
1. I used the default Windows IME, not third-party. Language Chinese Simplified. On Windows 11.
2. Let the code editor be empty.
3. Type a letter. Appears IME window.
4. Click somewhere in the code editor. The IME window disappears, and LA shows the intellisense list.
5. Double-click an item in the list. Or click and Esc. Use mouse, not keyboard.
6. Undo.
7. Type something to invoke IME again. This time IME window is at the right side of the primary screen, and does not work.
8. To make it work again, focus another control, or activate another window.

BTW, step 5 can also reproduce another your reported bug - exception when inserting a snippet. It happens when the caret is at the very end of text.
The description above is not quite similar to my situation.
My situation is: I'm typing Chinese characters after the text cursor (insertion point), but the Chinese characters cannot be inserted. When I switch to the English input method, I can input English, but when I switch back to the Chinese input method, I still cannot insert Chinese characters, as if it's locked. After I restart LA, I can insert them(En+Zh-cn) again.
#2 fixed in next LA.
Possibly it also fixed #1.
There are still instances where non-English input methods cannot be used. I need to switch windows or reopen LA. It happens randomly, and I don't know how to reproduce it.

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