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Get the variable name in QM
The function FuncA in the following link remains effective in the generated EXE.

I want to achieve the same functionality in QM. The following code works fine in QM, but after generating the EXE, I'm getting incorrect results.
Is there a better solution? Thank you very much.

Macro Macro31
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str aa
str bb
out getArgsVarNames(aa, bb)

Function getArgsVarNames
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function~ [`_A1] [`_A2]

if getopt(nargs)>0
,GetCallStack &_s 2
,str fs="getArgsVarNames("
,_i=find(_s fs); _s.get(_s _i+fs.len); _s.trim; _s.rtrim(")")
,ARRAY(str) a; tok _s a -1 "," 0x2000
,ret _s
Under EXE, is there really no solution?
If you ask me, I don't remember, but everything is documented. For example GetCallStack documentation contains links to related functions.
I've read the documentation, but I just can't find a solution.
Perhaps in the future, inspiration will strike somewhere...  Wink
Anyway, thank you very much. You've taught me a lot!

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