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First Startup Issues
After numerous tests, whenever I cold start my project files for the first time, I encountered some issues:

1. Occasionally, a single mouse click would register as a double-click.
2. Sometimes, window movement operations would fail.

I checked the code but couldn't find any issues. These problems only occur during the first cold start; they don't reappear after the second time.

Regarding issue 1, my click handling code is written within a class file, not in the main file.
It's akin to the problem described in the following link:

It seems that some operations written within class files are unstable; sometimes, I have to add a delay(;) before the first line of code in a method within the class.

3. The first line of my main file is as follows, its role is exeProgram, and it references a class file _Chrome3. If I modify this class file, do I need to click its compile button every time? If I don't click it, It seems that in some cases, this doesn't work.
/*/ role exeProgram; c _Chrome3; /*/
Also, in situations like the following, where the right-click of the mouse often fails, I must use add label, try, and goto statements.

        var e3 = w2.Elm["PANE", navig: "la"]["BUTTON"].Find(3);
        e3.MouseClickR(); //often fails

For stable usage, I almost have to add goto to all of these situations.
Quote:do I need to click its compile button every time?
If LA starts the exeProgram script, it recompiles when c files changed. Don't need to compile c files separately.
It can be confirmed that I consistently solve various problems using the following code template. However, there are too many places where it needs to be added.
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var e = w.Elm["PANE", navig: "la"]["BUTTON"].Find(3);

catch (Exception) {; goto __L; }

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